Get your music to more people

“I've been using Streamify services since 2012 and they delivered more plays than I thought possible.” John Simons, Independent Music Producer

Streamify gives you insights you can use to better target your marketing campaigns. And it's easy to download the data and further analyze it.

Measure impact

Statistics are important. Streamify helps you monitor the performance of your tracks and albums — track play count and popularity index. You get daily statistics and can analyze the impact your marketing campaign had or how well your new single did during the first week.

Test. Adapt. Succeed. Repeat.

Once you know how well your latest promotion is converting, it's time to act. Start testing! Make changes, check your stats, and test some more. Streamify provides you with the most fine-grained daily statistics to measure your performance.

Download and deep-dive into the data

Streamify provides all collected statistical data available for download. Import your plays count for the last quarter into Microsoft Excel or your favorite database processor and run more analytics.