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Frequently Asked Questions


How are you distributing plays?
Spotify track plays are sent to our huge partner list that includes music promoters, DJ's, online radio stations, playslists and various other parties. We provide them only the Spotify URI of the tracks you give us. We do not provide partners with any information about who has requested those plays.


Are plays guaranteed?
We try to split the requested number of plays to partners so that they can deliver them on time. While we cannot guarantee that every partner will deliver exactly the requested subset of the plays, we guarantee that your tracks will receive at least the requested plays. Usually a bit more.


Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes. You should receive all plays in maximum five days after your order is complete. If you have not received at least that number of plays, we will refund you 100% on that order.


When will my plays start?
It takes some time (up to a day) for our partners to receive the tracks list and to prepare their campaigns. Actual plays usually start within 12-24 hours of purchase.


Can you deliver plays to just any track?
Tracks must be more than 1 minute of length and they must be available in the US market. We are currently able to ensure plays only for tracks in the US market. We review each order before submission, so please no tracks of silence, noise or other funny scam business.


What users will play my track?
Your tracks will be played almost entirely by people with US accounts. We cannot guarantee whether those would be free or premium accounts.


Can you get me track statistics for past periods?
Unfortunately no. We can only record and store track plays counts and popularity after you order this service. Spotify does not provide access to tracks historical data.


Why subscribe for track statistics, when I get them from my distributor?
Your distributor provides probably better statistics, with more metrics. However, your distributor gives you statistics only for tracks you have submitted there. If you use different distributors for your albums, you need to visit each distributor's website to fetch your metrics. You cannot get statistics for other artists tracks and compare.


Can I order statistics for any track?
Yes, you can subscribe for statistics for any track in Spotify catalogue, even your competition in the genre so you can compare. Fact is, this is exactly what most of our customers use this service for.


My track received no plays yesterday, according to Spotify plays count
Spotify usually updates the plays count for all tracks in the catalogue around 8am PDT. Sometimes it fails to do so and none of the tracks in its entire catalogue changes their plays count. Stay calm - Spotify will accumulate the missed plays in the next day's update.


How many free plays can I get?
We provide 1,000 free plays and one free week of statistics for our new customers to get the feeling of how our services work. This is just the right amount of plays for one track to rise above 1,000 plays and be noticed in Spotify.

Free orders are limited to one free bundle of plays plus statistics per customer and artist. Please do not create additional accounts for the sole purpose of getting free plays. It is unprofessional and also lame. Such accounts will be suspended and the artists with whose track the free plays were requested will be permanently banned from our services - no further orders for paid plays will be accepted for tracks of those artists.



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