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“So glad with how quickly my songs' play count increases after each Streamify campaign.” Tamara K., Rhythm & Blues Singer

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Turning data insights into action

“Spotify popularity for my latest album increased 400% after Streamify showed me which promotion campaign got me the most plays.” Dale C., Classic Rock Artist

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Wouldn't be here if it was not for Streamify

“Streamify got us the Spotify plays we needed to get started. We pretty much would be lost in the crowd without it.” Brian A., Vocals Alternative Rock Band

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Streamify Spotlight

Increased plays

Want to get more plays? Streamify is the most cost-efficent service to provide Spotify track plays (or streams). They are 100% natural plays, performed by real accounts and of course are eligible for full royalties. Learn more

Play count statistics

Want to know how your tracks perform? Use Streamify to get daily statistics for your tracks' play count and popularity index. You can download this data for use with any Spreadsheet or other software. Learn more